Hunter for Target

Happy Good Friday, all. Hope you’re enjoying your meatless lunch (pizza day, what 🍕) and getting ready for a great Easter weekend with family. 🌺🌳

I found out some super exciting news recently, and I wanted to share… DIDJA KNOW that THE Hunter is doing a collab with Target?! Yes! I know! And they’re dropping the goods on April 14. I think perhaps REDcard™ members get exclusive access, but alas, member I am not, so my access will be standard. We can schlep the line together.


It’s cominngggg… HunterxTarget promo from

Anyway, here’s the link. I must give credit, this is a HUGE designer feature the likes of which I haven’t seen since Tarj partnered up with Neiman Marcus several years ago. But, that was “only” 50 pieces… and the Hunter offering will include 300. Men’s! Women’s! Inside! Outside! Regular fit! Plus size! Something! For! Everyone!

:Looks, for the 10th time:

The $25 toddler boots! Ah! (Read Popsugar’s article for a deep dive.) And at a fraction of the price of the original brand, maybe our little Bubby will get a couple of pairs. 😊 Ma may pull a “treat yo’self” move and get a backpack … and at the risk of looking like the Gordon’s fishstick man, a slicker, too, who knows? In a typically British way, Hunter even manages to jazz up the lowly fanny pack. (Which is somehow making a sartorial comeback now? Err…) Fanny pack you say? What’s that? We only carry bum bags and waist packs!


Stay tuned for our Egg Hunt updates next week.


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