I like it a-latte



Latte from Mugs, Argenta District, N. Little Rock

Hubs and I got the rare chance to meet up yesterday for lunch. We had a few minutes to kill before our favorite local sushi joint, KamiKaito, opened. (Yes, sometimes we’re those people, and eat lunch at 10:59AM. Don’t hate.)

So, I suggested we head next door to our other favorite Argenta lunch spot, Mugs. He ordered a double-shot of espresso, and I had one of their classic lattes. They served me a gorgeous treat… which we both enjoyed to the last drop. There is just something about the lattes at a local coffee shop that Starbucks cannot beat. Maybe it’s the coffee beans they use, which come from Arkansas roaster, Onyx. Maybe it’s the big ceramic mug, or the lovely steamed floral accent. Whatever the reason, we keep coming back.

A good cuppa is best enjoyed in good company. I feel fortunate for the times when we can slow down, catch up and appreciate each other’s conversation for a few minutes.


Hip, hop, hooray!

We had a great Easter weekend. My in-laws visited, Mr. Toddler went to his first real egg hunt at Family Fest (he was more interested in just…laying…on the Moon Bounce) and we attended a beautiful Easter Mass at the Cathedral of St. Andrew downtown. I love having our family visit, as it’s an opportunity to do fun and new things.

Also, I managed to finally squeeze in (out?) a batch of amazingly delicious Bunny Bites Carrot Cakes over the weekend. These little muffin-cake hybrids are much denser than your typical cupcake, and not nearly as sweet. However, I did frost them with some decadent coconut-cream cheese frosting, so they’re not exactly true to the muffin archetype, either. I’ve never made these before, but I am so glad I threw this recipe together — Peter Rabbit approved.


Peter Rabbit approves!

Spring has really sprung, and despite the errant cold day here and there, we are enjoying the warmer weather, budding flowers and greener trees! Last night, my Grill Master Husband even turned out a gorgeous spring vegetable platter for dinner. He seasoned, then grilled, the purple, orange and white carrots (are you seeing a theme here 🥕??) and served them with some grilled chicken breast and a new twist on our Family Salad — the Kale Greek Salad. Check it out — Yum!


Hunter for Target

Happy Good Friday, all. Hope you’re enjoying your meatless lunch (pizza day, what 🍕) and getting ready for a great Easter weekend with family. 🌺🌳

I found out some super exciting news recently, and I wanted to share… DIDJA KNOW that THE Hunter is doing a collab with Target?! Yes! I know! And they’re dropping the goods on April 14. I think perhaps REDcard™ members get exclusive access, but alas, member I am not, so my access will be standard. We can schlep the line together.


It’s cominngggg… HunterxTarget promo from Target.com

Anyway, here’s the link. I must give credit, this is a HUGE designer feature the likes of which I haven’t seen since Tarj partnered up with Neiman Marcus several years ago. But, that was “only” 50 pieces… and the Hunter offering will include 300. Men’s! Women’s! Inside! Outside! Regular fit! Plus size! Something! For! Everyone!

:Looks, for the 10th time:

The $25 toddler boots! Ah! (Read Popsugar’s article for a deep dive.) And at a fraction of the price of the original brand, maybe our little Bubby will get a couple of pairs. 😊 Ma may pull a “treat yo’self” move and get a backpack … and at the risk of looking like the Gordon’s fishstick man, a slicker, too, who knows? In a typically British way, Hunter even manages to jazz up the lowly fanny pack. (Which is somehow making a sartorial comeback now? Err…) Fanny pack you say? What’s that? We only carry bum bags and waist packs!


Stay tuned for our Egg Hunt updates next week.


To crust or not to crust.

Right off the bat — am I the only adult who still cuts off/eats around the crusts on their sandwich? I’m talking sad desk lunch sandwich, not Panera. I’m wondering about this because I make an honest effort to buy this super nutty, super seedy whole grain bread (after my husband shamed me for buying the tan-colored white bread that masquerades as a health food) but the crust is just. so. dry. This is the naked bread, we’re talking. No pressing, heating, buttering + grilling. Just semi-chilled out of my free-giveaway lunchbox, with turkey and cheese and a swath of mustard (yellow, spicy).

OK, so I tried another bite, this time with crust. The top isn’t as bad: I got a couple of mouthfuls of seeds, and another grain-type pod that legitimately just crumbled into dust into my mouth. Another bite, this time right into the literal meat of the sandwich. Very good. Bite number four: the unwelcome addition of a piece of my hair (still attached to my head) that got stuck on the ascent. By the fifth bite, there is basically only an L-shaped corner left of this half, and–you guessed it–it’s all crust. So excuse me while I pick out the remaining scraps of meat and cheese and pitch the woeful remains. R.I.P.

That was it. Just wanted to vent that while it was fresh. I’ll hold off on the riveting tin foil/plastic bag/wax paper/Tupperware conversation until another day. 😁 Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to extract every micro-gram of fruit filling from my Fage yogurt (why is that corner so darn small? Do they think we eat with Popsicle sticks??).

Byye. ✌


The first post is the hardest.

Well, it’s true. The first go-round at the written word is the hardest. An ol’ stand-off between you, the pen-slinging good guy, and the .doc file, the bandit that’s ridden into town and smirks in your face tauntingly. Just like every paper you’ve ever had to write, when all of the great thoughts you had jumbled in your head seemed stuck at the tips of your fingers, like penguins huddled on the edge of the iceberg… until PLUNK! one of them shoves another, and the penguins words start falling onto the blank page. I suspect (hope?), however, that you are far friendlier than the sea lions awaiting our little tuxedoed friends once they splash down. Nothing like some tasty hyperbole for the opening paragraph, eh? (As I happily munch on a bag of Starburst-flavored jellybeans, decidedly pleased with myself for the vivid imagery I’ve just conjured. 😄)

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m very excited to have a small corner of the digital world to deposit all of the meandering thoughts, ideas and inspiration that seem to leave little room in my head for anything else of importance. I know the shortlist of text message recipients who receive my daily random observations will cheer… (Don’t worry, you’ll still get those messages. 😘)

Truth be told, I’m pretty old-fashioned. I would rather crack out a notebook and start jotting than open a Word document. Alas, we live in the modern era, and as my husband painfully reminds me, I am not 80 years old. (Shout out to all of my octogenarians for keeping it real over eight decades, though. You da real MVPs.) I am hoping that this blog (TBH, I’m not a huge fan of the words “blog” or “blogger,” mainly because of the stereotypes they bring to mind… “Why did you start a blog, then, Caroline?” “A very good question, indeed.”) will serve as a digital notebook and create an easier place to brain-dump.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, I’m sorry, and I promise it will be better next time. Hopefully. Maybe?! I’m glad you’re here.

In closing, here’s some color from one of my favorite artists, Matisse:

Matisse-Etruscan VaseHenri Matisse, Interior with an Etruscan Vase, 1940, oil on canvas.