Hip, hop, hooray!

We had a great Easter weekend. My in-laws visited, Mr. Toddler went to his first real egg hunt at Family Fest (he was more interested in just…laying…on the Moon Bounce) and we attended a beautiful Easter Mass at the Cathedral of St. Andrew downtown. I love having our family visit, as it’s an opportunity to do fun and new things.

Also, I managed to finally squeeze in (out?) a batch of amazingly delicious Bunny Bites Carrot Cakes over the weekend. These little muffin-cake hybrids are much denser than your typical cupcake, and not nearly as sweet. However, I did frost them with some decadent coconut-cream cheese frosting, so they’re not exactly true to the muffin archetype, either. I’ve never made these before, but I am so glad I threw this recipe together — Peter Rabbit approved.


Peter Rabbit approves!

Spring has really sprung, and despite the errant cold day here and there, we are enjoying the warmer weather, budding flowers and greener trees! Last night, my Grill Master Husband even turned out a gorgeous spring vegetable platter for dinner. He seasoned, then grilled, the purple, orange and white carrots (are you seeing a theme here 🥕??) and served them with some grilled chicken breast and a new twist on our Family Salad — the Kale Greek Salad. Check it out — Yum!


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