Orange blossom muffins


Photo: Cara Fitzgerald Photography

These muffins take me straight back to central Florida, where a drive across the state at just the right time of the year would be rewarded with the fragrant scent of orange blossoms wafting in through the car window. My favorite part was seeing nothing for miles but orange-dotted fields, and passing old farm trucks piled high with sweet, ripe fruit—Surely those will tumble! I would think to myself.

Fortunately, Florida growers have extensive distribution networks and their oranges can be found in pretty much every grocery store during citrus season (roughly November until mid-spring). Beyond their flavor and aroma, juicy Navel oranges are chock-full of Vitamin C to help fortify your immune system.

In this recipe, the oranges’ juice, pulp and zest add natural sweetness to the muffins while Greek yogurt lends a touch of texture and tang. White chocolate chips are the perfect complement and melt into a velvety finish. A delectable and easy crumb topping brings it all together. Warm them up or serve them cold — these muffins will never let you down. To really bring out the subtle flavors, try pairing them with a steaming mug of Earl Grey tea or an ice cold glass of milk.

Tip: Around the holidays I add dried cranberries and a hint of savory spice, like nutmeg or cinnamon, for a seriously festive treat.


…Recipe coming!…


For more on Florida’s citrus history, here’s a great site with tons of photos.