Comfortable stuff

I’m pretty picky. Whether it’s a coat, a car or concealer, I will research and test and try relentlessly until I am satisfied by a thing’s quality, ease-of-use and comfort. I am willing to pay more for good stuff to a certain extent, but I won’t pay a fortune. Stuff is just stuff. It wears out and your tastes change. Sometimes I wish we still lived with more of a “fix-the-vacuum” mentality and less of an instant gratification “buy-a-new-vacuum” one. But don’t worry, there’s also an “OMG, 40% off!!” side of me, too. I battle her daily.

In no particular order, here’s a running list of the most comfortable items I’ve found and, to this day, still use.

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Gap Jeans

Though I’ve bought countless pairs of jeans in varying cuts, lengths and hues, there’s one pair of perfect proportions that I know will always have my back…side. I’ve owned these bad boys for over five years, and though I’ve tried on several occasions to toss them, I just. can’t. do. it. Medium wash, straight cut, minimal stretch, mid-rise, 8L… the perfect errand-running  pants, which happily pair with a hoodie and sneakers or chambray and mules. In an effort to refresh The Jeans, I’ve even tried to find identical replacements, to no avail. Even the same exact pair (allegedly) from Gap got returned. They’re just not quite right. I’ve resigned myself to keeping these dungarees until 1) they stop fitting or 2) they’re flapping off my legs like sails. Let’s hope the latter comes around first.

Of course, after waxing poetic about these pants, I can’t find any photos that showcase them… so I’ll leave you with this throwback gem from 2013. I know there’s a lot going on in this photo–like, a lot–but please try to focus on the 6″ section of denim that is visible. (Sorry for digging this out of the archives, ALB, I know you thought you were safe…) They’re perfect, I tell you.


Ah yes, here we are, The Jeans and us, at Epcot.


Sperry “Seaport” Penny Loafers

Sperry's 2017 Seaport Penny Loafer Collection

Plenty of hues to choose in Sperry’s cute new penny lineup for 2018.

I’ve never been a huge fan of boat shoes (12 years in a school uniform will do that to you) but as I’ve gotten older, I have come to value comfort almost as much as style. Enter: Sperry’s new Spring 2018 collection. I was delighted to find these fun, fashion-forward patent penny loafers at my local Dillard’s, especially since I have practically worn the spots off of an older, leopard-print pair.

St. Pat's 2015

We celebrated St. Pat’s 2015 with beer (him) and spotted loafers (pregnant me).

The new pennies feature some sort of cloud-like inserts that offer solace to my finicky high arches and hard-to-size narrow feet. Dress them up or down, they’re equally as great with denim and a chunky sweater as they are with a bright pair of cigarette pants at work.

Bottom line, pick a pair and you won’t be sorry.



…More to come!…