I like it a-latte



Latte from Mugs, Argenta District, N. Little Rock

Hubs and I got the rare chance to meet up yesterday for lunch. We had a few minutes to kill before our favorite local sushi joint, KamiKaito, opened. (Yes, sometimes we’re those people, and eat lunch at 10:59AM. Don’t hate.)

So, I suggested we head next door to our other favorite Argenta lunch spot, Mugs. He ordered a double-shot of espresso, and I had one of their classic lattes. They served me a gorgeous treat… which we both enjoyed to the last drop. There is just something about the lattes at a local coffee shop that Starbucks cannot beat. Maybe it’s the coffee beans they use, which come from Arkansas roaster, Onyx. Maybe it’s the big ceramic mug, or the lovely steamed floral accent. Whatever the reason, we keep coming back.

A good cuppa is best enjoyed in good company. I feel fortunate for the times when we can slow down, catch up and appreciate each other’s conversation for a few minutes.


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